We are a small Mom & Pop shop. We believe in everything Holistic and this sets us apart from other like shops in the DFW area. We lived in Hawaii for the past several years, but born and raised in Texas. We at Puptown Playhouse have a combined 32+ years of experience from a vast number of Pet Care Facilities including vet clinics, boarding/day boarding/grooming/self serve shops and the infamous Fossil Rim in Glen Rose Texas. We've created our shop based on the best of our experiences in the pet industry and compiled a Premier Holistic, Wellness, little Zen shop where ALL our 4 legged kiddos are Happy which is Healthy. Our mission has always stayed the same: take care of our customers pets like they're our OWN! 

I (Cassandra) have been grooming for 19 years. In Hawaii I learned the art of Japanese style grooming (special creative grooming/Asian Fusian). I've groomed several retired show dogs including Westminster Portuguese Water dogs. I groom each pet as if they were entering the "Best In Show" ring.  Each pet will be groomed just like a show dog.  Special care, great attention to detail and ALL NATURAL specialty products are used during their grooming experience here at Puptown Playhouse.  Even the most neglected dog from the SPCA will have a winning experience though they may not hold "The Best In Show" title they will feel like the "The Best In Show" winner! 

Shawn (husband) had the honor of working at the infamous Fossil Rim in Glen Rose Texas, where he was educated on nutrition and habitats for successful breeding and survival for all the wildlife especially wolves and cheetahs.  He helped design & build the Cheetah habitats that you see today. If you would like to learn about holistic diet for your pet he would be more than happy to share.