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read - Foods Pets Die For by Ann Martin

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We​​​ are EXTREME, PASSIONATE Holistic Pet Nutritionist & know the TRUTH about the shameful pet food industry. We have a few links at the bottom of page to further educate the populous and share the horrifying FACTS. PLease research which manufacturers to trust.  We here at Puptown Playhouse only carry NON PFI FOODS (Pet Food Industry) that are responsible for the occurance of high oxidative stress amongst our furrbabies!


FARMINA kibble,

Fromm family pet foods can, kibble and treats,

Northwest Natural freeze dried/frozen foods and treats, 

Vital Essential RAW BAR

which contains several freeze dried goodies like,

Pig Ears,

Bully stix,

duck feet,

Duck heads,

fish skin,


Earth Animal treats like NO HIDE stix,

Super Snouts pet products, 


Stella & Chewy's stuff,

Ziwi treats,ETC. ETC.ETC.