​​We do NOT carry any PFI (Pet Food Institute- is a trade/industry association that is heavily involved in the AAFCO process of making state pet food law, and heavily involved in Washington D.C. with the federal law making process).  From the PFI website: "Advocating for legis​lation, regulations and technologies that support the domestic manufacture and global distribution of safe, quality pet food".  All the foods we carry are ALL Supreme holistic Grain FREE Pet Foods that are NOT a member or associated with PFI! We believe that trade associations are there to work for the consumers unlike PFI which has misled consumers into believing that pet foods are just like human foods and use the two largest rendering (MEAT) companies in the US - Valley Proteins and Darling International whom are the ingredient providers in most of the popular brands of Pet foods. 



Wild Callings can and kibble,

Fromm 4 Star can and kibble,

Fromm GOLD Prairie foods and treats,

Northwest Natural freeze dried foods and treats, 

New Zealand Venison hooves/ankle,

mussel treats,

Pig Ears,

Bully stix,

duck feet,

h20 buffallo horns,

elk splits and antlers,

 smoked beef bones,

NO HIDE Chews and STIX and 

SUPER food/herb supplements for joint/hip/bladder/indigestion/inflammation etc.